New Musings on New Music

NMNM - Episode 12 - D. Andrew Stewart

Episode Summary

Barbara and Norm speak with D. Andrew Stewart, composer and Karlax player!

Episode Notes

For more information on D. Andrew Stewart, visit his website and Vimeo Page

During the episode Andrew referred to the following:

A performance of Working Song and the Last Dead Leftover for Karlax and string quartet.

The website of Karlax manufacturer Da Fact. See images and other examples of Karlax work.

Articulation by Gyorgy Ligeti, with visual score!

Music for Solo Performer by Alvin Lucier. Be patient with this one. Sound seems to start around 6 minutes!

And how about our new theme music? The Intro is Norm playing a sliver of Vez by Ana Sokolovic. The Outro music is Barbara playing and excerpt of Iceberg by Linda Catlin Smith.

suddenlyLISTEN thanks Arts Nova Scotia for their support of this podcast.